Recommended backpacking supplies

June 8, 2009

# A camping backpack (that has proper back support)
# A sleeping bag**
# A sleeping mat**
# A Tent**
# One jacket (only in winter)
# One sweater (lightweight in summer)
# 2 pairs of pants (try to get those changeable pants that can turn into shorts)
# Money belt (for tickets, traveler’s checks, passport)
# Combination lock
# 2 copies of passport (kept in separate places)
# One towel (see if you can get one of those napkin-sized ones from L.L. Bean or EMS)
# One (or 2**) T-shirts
# 2 button-down shirts, one short one long
# 3 pairs of underwear
# 2 (or 3**) pairs of socks
# A pair of shorts (If you got those changeable pants, then you don’t need shorts)
# A swimsuit (really only the women need to take this; men, use shorts or boxers)
# One pair of boot-ish shoes
# One pair of open-toed shoes (only in summer)
# A hat**
# Toiletries (minimalist set)
# Army Knife (with at least scissors and corkscrew)
# Plastic bags (in case something gets wet)

Jared’s Desk


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