travel new 180

May 21, 2009

There are not a whole lot of travel opportunities afforded to people who are economically challenged. However there are many different organizations out there that can provide those who seek the adventure of travel but lack the funding to pursue those interests. Groups like Servas and Hospitality Club offer people the chance to stay with host families while in return require you to be a host for a future traveler. There is also a group called Woofing which stands for (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), this organization is a work exchange program. Our goal is to expose alternative ways to see the world. We are looking for people who seek adventure and aren’t afraid of a little elbow grease from time to time. We do not believe a person should have to wait to see the world. Much like the program Servas we believe we are all friends who just haven’t met yet. It is our belief that through traveling and culture exchange we can usher in new understanding and promote peace. There are already social networks out there for you to become apart of, and you don’t need an internt connection to join.


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