Creative Brief

May 8, 2009

Creative Brief

Font Work Crew

Client Team
JD Kiggins, jd.kiggins@mhcc.edu
Jack Schommer, jack.schommer@mhcc.edu
Jennifer Thomas, jennifer.thomas@mhcc.edu
Doug Zanger, dzanger@mac.com

Client Team

JD Kiggins, jd.kiggins@mhcc.edu, Jack Schommer, jack.schommer@mhcc.edu Jennifer Thomas, jennifer.thomas@mhcc.edu, Doug Zanger, dzanger@mac.com


Team Profile

Sheryl Muller, Jared Myhra, Bryan Furnish
all Graphic designers.

Project Back Ground

In 1994, Congress passed a bill called, The Safe and Drug-Free School Act conducting a process that if a student was found with drugs of any type or a weapon of any kind had to be expelled. Our campaign is to educate parents about the zero tolerance policy, and how it can effect their child’s future. It is our hope that we will be inspiring parents to get active and change the current policy in schools.

Target Market or Audience

Parents of school age children.

State the Problem

Zero Tolerance is an unfair policy that can greatly effect a child’s future by imposing extreme consequences for minor infractions.

Message Objectives

The focus of our message is to show how absurd and ridicules the zero tolerance policy can be. We plan on using humor to get this message across.

Proposed Solution

Media to be used poster, radio spot, video, all can be found on our website.



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